Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Haki's Dream

On the weekend I was dreaming
that I was stuck in the super movie and in there was all of the evil DC comic super heroes.
I was scared. The super heroes
were trying to get me and chuck in a dungeon. When I was running through the candy forest I was afraid. My heart  was beating
fast. The bad super heroes were looking for me. Hulk saved
me. The Hulk was a good
super hero. I fainted because I escaped the movie and the
green hulk turned into the red
and he stuck me back in the
movie again. The red hulk turned
into the green hulk and then I
had another dream and it was the
deathpool vs x-man and hulk.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cooking on Friday

Argentinian food.Title: Cooking on friday.
Once we got to school we started to cook.
Our topic was to cook our countries food.  Room 10 have been studying Argentina.  We cooked apple crumble and pancakes for dessert and a olive mince on crackers for lunch. We invited Whaea Nicki’s class, Whaea Sabrina’s class,  Whaea Mary’s class(the whole whanau whakaiti.  Whaea Nicki’s class was studying Canada and Whaea Sabrina’s class was studying Tonga.
Whanau Whakaiti were ready to cook room 10  had already started.
Later that day we were all happy eating Canadian food, Tongan food and our  
By Summer.
Pancakes, Banana, Chocolate

Cooking on Friday

Title:Cooking on Friday
On Friday room 10,11,12,13 and 14 were cooking food from different countries. Each of our classes picked a country and had to complete different tasks about it.  After we were writing about the  countries in our classes, we decided to have a cook off so each of us  cooked different foods from our countries we had picked.  We cooked yummy stuff from Argentina it was delicious as.

Screenshot 2015-11-18 at 13.43.58.png


In my awesome weekend I went to Rawene it’s not that far from Kaikohe.  I went there because it was my Aunties birthday. It started at 5:00 o’clock in the morning I was so tired when my mum woke me up.  We got there at 5:30. My Aunty told me to go inside because it was cold and wet. I saw all my cousins inside watching tv. I had a little sleep, I got up at 8:15 and my mum and dad were still outside. My cousin and I got out a game to play because  we were bored. My little brother and sister were at my nana’s when I was in Rawene.  When I was in Rawene I was feeling that I missed my sister and brother.I had lots of fun. The END

My cool Weekend By Barry

In the weekend i played outside and i  played on the swing. I also went  to the shop. After that
i went home

By Barry

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Rahina     2      whiringa-a-Rangi

walt:Write and describe with detail an event from our weekend.

on a extremely awesome weekend my mum, my sisters and I went to Waikare to see my Grandad.
my Grandad is 82 he lives with his beautiful family and their names are Tonim, Shantel, Hailee, Pearl, Darien and Deano.
We went to his house to take him some nice yummy marinated eels.
We got to his house at bang on 2 o’clock.
Next we went for a swim down at my mums swimming hole which is Rahirikawa.
My mum jumped in first then my sister Robyn after her, it was Gladys which is my other sister then my cousins Toni, Hailee, Shantel and Darien.

After that went back to my papa's krusty house and had a feed.
as we were walking inside the house we saw a baby kitten being born then we saw another one being born it was a girl.

Then we came back to the best town ever Kaikohe we ran out of gas when we got back into town just by the z.

i felt excited when my mum said that we were going to Waikare to see my papa. I had not seen him ever since the start of the year I was that excited that I went to bed early.

that is the end of my weekend story thank-you for listening to my awesome story hope to see you later.

                    THE END