Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cooking on Friday

Argentinian food.Title: Cooking on friday.
Once we got to school we started to cook.
Our topic was to cook our countries food.  Room 10 have been studying Argentina.  We cooked apple crumble and pancakes for dessert and a olive mince on crackers for lunch. We invited Whaea Nicki’s class, Whaea Sabrina’s class,  Whaea Mary’s class(the whole whanau whakaiti.  Whaea Nicki’s class was studying Canada and Whaea Sabrina’s class was studying Tonga.
Whanau Whakaiti were ready to cook room 10  had already started.
Later that day we were all happy eating Canadian food, Tongan food and our  
By Summer.
Pancakes, Banana, Chocolate

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