Sunday, 1 November 2015

Rahina     2      whiringa-a-Rangi

walt:Write and describe with detail an event from our weekend.

on a extremely awesome weekend my mum, my sisters and I went to Waikare to see my Grandad.
my Grandad is 82 he lives with his beautiful family and their names are Tonim, Shantel, Hailee, Pearl, Darien and Deano.
We went to his house to take him some nice yummy marinated eels.
We got to his house at bang on 2 o’clock.
Next we went for a swim down at my mums swimming hole which is Rahirikawa.
My mum jumped in first then my sister Robyn after her, it was Gladys which is my other sister then my cousins Toni, Hailee, Shantel and Darien.

After that went back to my papa's krusty house and had a feed.
as we were walking inside the house we saw a baby kitten being born then we saw another one being born it was a girl.

Then we came back to the best town ever Kaikohe we ran out of gas when we got back into town just by the z.

i felt excited when my mum said that we were going to Waikare to see my papa. I had not seen him ever since the start of the year I was that excited that I went to bed early.

that is the end of my weekend story thank-you for listening to my awesome story hope to see you later.

                    THE END

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